GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications


“The units keeps getting better for us as we use it. We're very happy.”
Dave Schlagatter, Golf Course Spuerintendent, Indian Hill Club, Winnetka, Il

“We have already mapped our greens and approaches, so we know what square footage should be sprayed each time.  In the past, different spray technicians always sprayed a different total area.  In theory, every application will now be the same, so it should be much easier to budget for the quantity and cost of fertilizers and plant protectants to be applied.  And I am actually more interested in the accuracy of the application - and the cost savings is just an added benefit.”
Ken Flisek, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent, The Club at Nevillewood, Presto, PA

“We will eventually be able to map the cart path areas (around the greens but ultimately everywhere) as no spray zones, which means less product being applied to impervious surfaces.  This will reduce the amount of product used, the cost of the application, and naturally result in a more environmentally friendly application since there will be no run-off from any pavement.”
Ken Flisek, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent, The Club at Nevillewood, Presto, PA

“I would assume that all golf courses will be taking advantage of this new technology within the next few years.  I am old enough to remember back to when I was one of the first superintendents to abandon the legal pad and pencil and actually use a computer to prepare a budget.  Ten years from now people won't remember what it was like to spray without GPS technology.    
Ken Flisek, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent, The Club at Nevillewood, Presto, PA

“I’ve cut 8 acres out of my fairway spray application using GPS Mapping and individual nozzle control. That’s one full tank of product and labor.”
John Stawovy, CGCS, Owner and Golf Course Superintendent, Cedarbrook Golf Course, a 36 hole facility in Belle Vernon, PA

“In the past we noticed some (sprayer) overlaps and those overlaps always show up in July and August where you’re repeatedly spraying in the same spots over and over. Now with the GPS Sprayer we have 20” centers on the nozzles and they are individually controlled, so now we can do different angles. We can vary our pattern because we no longer have to follow (a) straight line (starting point) because the sprayer will snap on … creating that straight line.”
John Shaw, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent, Valley Brook Country Club, McMurray, PA

“If we could save $15,000 per year it would be great,” (Mark) Kuehner says. “If we could save $25,000 per year, it was a no brainer.” 7 Springs (Golf Course) saved $27,000 in chemical costs last year (2013), according to Kuehner. “We laugh at it now,” he says. “It’s like a license to print money.”
From Golf Course Industry magazine August 2014 issue 
By Mark Kuehner, Golf Course Superintendent and Owner, 7 Springs Golf Course, an 18 hole facility in Elizabeth, PA

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