GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

Why Us?

With Turflux you get a turnkey solution with components developed by industry leading manufacturers from a company who understands the intricacies of making new technology fit into the day-to-day operations of golf course maintenance. Before there was a Turflux solution, GPS Spraying had too many missing pieces.


  • Utilizing Raven brand equipment
  • Built to Industry Standards
  • Golf Course Industry Experience

You Get

  • One Time Mapping
  • Sub-inch Repeatability
  • Unlimited Maps
  • Google Earth Overlays
  • Slingshot® RTK Correction
  • Accurate Individual Nozzle Control
  • A Turnkey Conversion or Installation
  • Convert Multiple Brands
  • Expanded Satellite Coverage
  • Cell Tower and Internet Coverage
  • Remote Assistance
  • Better Record Keeping

Mapping with Slingshot® RTK. With Turflux you have the ability to map one time and store that map for later use with sub-inch repeatability. This is referred to as sub-inch static accuracy. Your maps don’t change location when you have a Turflux system with Slingshot® RTK from Raven.


Accurate Individual Nozzle Control. Until Turflux developed its Luffstan Nozzle Control you either had to purchase a completely new sprayer or you had to sacrifice application accuracy. Unlike other conversions we have seen, a Turflux Conversion maintains your application rate by diverting excess flow back to the tank for agitation. Raven's advanced Hawkeye nozzle control helps you control your droplet size even at faster transport speeds.


User Friendly Correction Accuracy: Most satellite control spraying, available before the Turflux Base Station Network was developed, have been using GPS with correction (augmentation) signals shared with other industries. These systems have their limitations because of third party dependability or physical limitations like the need for clear line of sight between your sprayer and a correction antenna. Turflux is developing a private Base Station network and with Slingshot® RTK we have eliminated the need for line of sight between the sprayer and the correction reference antenna.


The Turflux Advantage. All components of a Turflux sprayer installation or conversion are engineered to industry standards providing a golf course with a single source company who can provide a complete installation or conversion that is ready for use in your normal maintenance schedule. With Turflux you get:

A Turnkey Conversion or Installation – you don’t need to go elsewhere for missing pieces of the system.



Convert Multiple Brands – We can install this technology on either a flow-based OR a pressure-based spray system.We are confident that this technology can be adapted to most model sprayers in use on a golf course today.


Repeatability – You get the flexibility of creating your own maps based on the needs of the turf which can then be used with repeatable sub-inch accuracy whenever you determine the need to spray.






Expanded Satellite Coverage – All Turflux systems include the United States GPS satellites as well as the Russian GLONASS satellites for coverage. Some might consider this to be overkill, but we would rather have too many satellites than not enough.



Cell Tower and Internet coverage – Slingshot® RTK uses the precision hardware of a Slingshot® Field Hub to connect your spray vehicle to the internet through cell towers for unheard of repeatable accuracy. Turflux includes the WiFi hot spot option on all of its Slingshot® RTK installations connecting you to the rest of the world through your sprayer, and we take care of any third party communication or fees with one annual fee to us.



Remote Assistance – If you run into problems our support team can access your Field Computer live, in real time. When you allow us access we take control of the system and fix problems.


Record Keeping - No more memory cards, jump drives, or lost data.  Slingshot® Online keeps your data, safe, secure and easy to access.  Your Field Computer allows you to enter the input you need to track before you spray and then keeps track of the application while you spray.




Industry Standards – With most of the system built on Raven Industries components and our promise at Turflux to assemble our systems with strict engineering standards you can be sure the entire system is built to industry standards.

Our Experience – Turflux is a company that was started by individuals with a variety of industry experience who have been able to develop an offering that takes into account engineering specifications (how it works), user implementation (how it’s used), and the business needs of selling and servicing the final product (how we get it to you).


To learn more about how you can take advantage of this technology on your golf course, contact us.

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