GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

Why Us?

Our company was built by people whose core experience is in the business and practice of golf course maintenance. We work with all brands so you can build a system on the sprayer of your choice.

With Turflux you get a turnkey solution with components developed by industry leading manufacturers from a company who understands the intricacies of making new technology fit into the day-to-day operations of golf course maintenance. Whether you are updating your current sprayers or purchasing new, and whether you have a mix of models or they're all the same, Turflux can convert any or all of your sprayers to the latest technology in GPS spraying.


  • Utilizing proven brand equipment
  • Built to Industry Standards
  • Golf Course Industry Experience

You Get

  • One Time Mapping
  • Sub-inch Repeatability
  • Unlimited Maps
  • Google Earth Overlays
  • RTK Correction
  • Accurate Individual Nozzle Control
  • A Turnkey Conversion or Installation
  • Convert Multiple Brands
  • Expanded Satellite Coverage
  • Cell Tower and Internet Coverage
  • Remote Assistance
  • Better Record Keeping

Mobile Mapping unit in action with Turflux mapping in RTK GPSMapping with RTK. With your purchase of a Turflux system we create your initial maps using our versatile Mobile Mapping Unit with RTK technology. These maps are created with sub-inch, repeatable accuracy for later use when it's time for you to spray. The result is static sub-inch accuracy, where your maps don’t move over time. RTK is the most accurate GPS correction technology available today, and we don't install a system without it.




Ag Leader InCommand 1200 display available from Turflux, LLC

 Field Computer. Turflux offers the Ag Leader InCommand 1200 or Raven Viper 4+ Field Computers. The field computer acts as your controller to communicate with the GPS engine and nozzle system to accurately apply chemicals to your target zone.

Each model offers state-of-the-art rugged construction with a large 12.1" touch screen display, to enter your information and display your application in progress. Each offers wi-fi connectivity, remote camera support, and auto steer compatibility.


Unlock machine-to-machine communication and these displays will show the other sprayers operating in your spray job. These are powerful computers.


Choosing spray tips for proper height and angleAccurate Individual Nozzle Control. At Turflux we offer a variety of nozzle systems from our basic Coil System, utilizing individual electric solenoid control of your current nozzle bodies, PWM controlled nozzles, allowing you to change vehicle speeds during application while maintaining droplet size and target flow rate.

Our third nozzle system option uses a manifold of compact ball valves to control your on/off function with plumbing. This system is typically used on specific models using "speed and pressure" to accurately apply product, like the Toro MP-1250 and MP-1750.


HP RTK coverage map for North America RTK base stationsExtensive Base Station Network: In order to get true RTK correction, and thus sub-inch accuracy, you need to have access to base stations which are surveyed fixed points on earth. Turflux has partnered with HP RTK, who has implemented an extensive network of base stations throughout North America, allowing for redundancy in the system avoiding a dependency on individual base stations or state run networks.


Turflux and HP RTK are committed to expanding the network. If you aren't currently in a covered area, a new base station will be installed at or near your location..




The Turflux Advantage. All components of a Turflux sprayer installation or conversion are engineered to industry standards providing a golf course with a single source company who can provide a complete installation or conversion that is ready for use in your normal maintenance schedule. With Turflux you get:

A Turnkey Conversion or Installation – you don’t need to go elsewhere for missing pieces of the system.



Convert Multiple Brands – We can install this technology on either a flow-based OR a pressure-based spray system. We are confident that this technology can be adapted to most model sprayers in use on a golf course today.


Repeatability – You get the flexibility of creating your own maps based on the needs of the turf which can then be used with repeatable sub-inch accuracy whenever you determine the need to spray.






Expanded Satellite Coverage – All Turflux systems include the United States GPS satellites as well as the Russian GLONASS satellites for coverage. RTK requires your sprayer to share position information with at least 5 satellites.Our systems can typically "see" as many as 15 satellites, building additional backup redundancy in our systems.



Cell Tower and Internet coverage – Cellular RTK uses the precision hardware of a Field Hub modem to connect your spray vehicle to the internet through cell towers for unheard of repeatable accuracy. Turflux includes the WiFi hot spot option on all of its installations connecting you to the rest of the world through your sprayer, and we take care of any third party communication or fees with one annual fee to us.



Remote Assistance – If you run into problems our support team can access your Field Computer live, in real time. We can see what you see making it easier for us to work with you in trouble shooting any issues you encounter.


Record Keeping - No more memory cards, jump drives, or lost data.  Information about your application can be stored in the cloud keeping your data, safe, secure and easy to access.  Your Field Computer allows you to enter the input you need to track before you spray and then keeps track of the application while you spray.




Industry Standards – Our systems are built using Ag Leader, Raven Industries, Capstan Ag, and TeeJet components and our promise at Turflux is to assemble our systems with strict engineering standards so you can be sure the entire system is built to industry standards.

Our Experience – Turflux is a company that was started by individuals with a variety of industry experience who have been able to develop an offering that takes into account engineering specifications (how it works), user implementation (how it’s used), and the business needs of selling and servicing the final product (how we get it to you).


To learn more about how you can take advantage of this technology on your golf course, contact us.

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