GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

Sprayer Controls

Sprayer Controls developed by Raven Industries are what brings satellite technology to golf course sprayer use.
  •  Maps are created and stored in the Envizio Pro II® Field Computer
  • The display screen to monitor data entry and, during an active Job, to display:
    •  The map of your active Job.
    •  The area already applied with product.
    •  The centerline of your current pass, and your vehicle alignment to center.
    •  The on/off status of each nozzle.
    •  Other vital statistics like ground speed, flow, and pressure.
  • The Envizio Pro II® communicates with the Switch Pro to turn nozzles on and off.
  • The system is monitored and controlled by the Envizio Pro II® Field Computer
In addition to the listed Envizio Pro II® features above, the Viper® 4 also includes:
  • Advanced Linux operating system
  • CAN (or CAN bus) micro-controller communication
  • Customizable screen widgets
  • Required to run Hawkeye Nozzle Control

The Switch Pro will bring you the following features:
  • Communicates with the instructions from the Field Computer
  • Is where individual nozzle control comes from
  • Can  control 10 sections for individual nozzle control as opposed to the 3 section boom control of a typical sprayer
The Slingshot® Modem (Field Hub):
  • Monitors the positioning with satellites and correction signals
  • Also transmits spray application information for record keeping
  • See Satellite Technology section or Glossary for how Slingshot® RTK impacts sprayer technology through the Slingshot® Modem

Nozzle control is an integral component to satellite controlled spraying on golf courses. The increase in accuracy and savings from satellite control would be minimal if the technology could only control one boom section at a time. Satellites are the brains. Nozzle control is what makes it work.

The Luffstan system is a basic electrical nozzle control system developed by Turflux to take advantage of Raven Slingshot® RTK technology without the need to purchase a completely new spray vehicle.

Hawkeye is an advanced nozzle control option to produce the desired spray droplet size at faster vehicle speeds while spraying, and will be available on all Turflux conversions equipped with a Viper® 4 Field Computer.

The Hawkeye product was launched by Raven in 2014. Look for more information coming soon.

Capstan's SharpShooter® is an advanced nozzle control system using pulse width modulation to produce the desired spray droplet size at faster vehicle speeds or in a variety of wind conditions while spraying.

Capstan SharpShooter® equipped sprayers can take advantage of the Turflux Base Station network and provide all of the benefits from Turflux using Slingshot® RTK. With Slingshot® RTK you get repeatable sub-inch accuracy and one-time mapping with the maps you store on your Envizio-Pro II®.

This is an upgrade using Slingshot® RTK to guide your spray vehicle, virtually eliminating skipping or overlapping previous passes. Create a straight line or contour between two points for your first pass, and let SmartTrax take over. Continue by making each succeeding pass adjacent to the previous one. SmartTrax is automatically disengaged when the operator manually turns the steering wheel at the end of each pass.
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