GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications


With a Turflux system, it's One-Time mapping that makes the difference!

With cellular RTK and your subscription to the Turflux Base Station Network you get mapping on a whole new level. This is the only way to map because you get:

  • One-Time Mapping - once you store a map it's there when you're ready to spray.
  • Sub-Inch Repeatability - you get static accuracy meaning your map doesn't move.
  • Unlimited Maps - download your maps to a thumb drive or upload them to your computer and your map storing possibilities are endless.
  • Google Earth Overlays - you can convert your map to a .kml file type and overlay it on Google Maps for a clear visual representation of your spray application.

Try one of our Area Calculator suggestions to estimate your actual target spray zone and compare it to your spray records to learn how you can reduce the chemicals you spray and still treat the turf that needs to be treated.

The As Applied mode is when you are executing a spray “job” in your field computer and the computer keeps track of where you have sprayed. Nozzles will shut off when they are over an area which has already been applied.

Typically available in most satellite sprayer control systems As Applied spraying does have some applications for hard to map areas, typically in golf course roughs, by spraying the perimeter of your target area and then filling in the remainder of the zone without overlapping what you've already sprayed.

Zone Mapping is where an area is mapped prior to spraying and then an application is made according to that map. With Turflux, users get the benefit of storing maps with the highest degree of static accuracy under RTK, meaning the maps don’t move, for use at any time they are ready to spray. This is the mapping that differentiates Turflux from other satellite control options.

With mapping there are also two types of accuracy, Pass-to-Pass and Static Accuracy.

Pass-to-Pass Accuracy

Pass-to-Pass accuracy is a term that is typically used when measuring the variance in accuracy within a 15 minute period. After 15 minutes pass-to-pass accuracy can vary greatly between different satellite position augmentation systems. The name 'Pass-to-Pass' comes from the typical accuracy you achieve within the time that two passes are made adjacent to each other. This accuracy is typically as much as 6 to 8 inches for up to 15 minutes.

Static Accuracy

Static Accuracy is the accuracy of your map as compared to the original points mapped over time. With a Turflux system your stored maps will have a static accuracy of less than one inch, regardless of when you use them. This is where Turflux, with  RTK, makes all the difference in golf course usability.



Without Static Accuracy your maps could move making them unusable. 



Static Accuracy can be achieved in a number of ways to a range of accuracies, but with a Turflux System you get sub-inch accuracy with: 

1. NO REQUIREMENT for "line of sight" between your sprayer and the correction antenna.
2. NO NEED to map everytime you spray.  You map one time and store your maps with sub-inch accuracy for use at any time.
3.  If an obstructed view to the satellites causes a lost signal, a Turflux System will typically reacquire the signal within two minutes or less once the sprayer has a clear view of the sky.


To learn more about the benefits of Mapping with a Turflux system, contact us.

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