GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

A = Accuracy

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Turflux systems help golf course superintendents improve their accuracy while applying pesticides and liquid fertilizers. Using quality in our systems helps you achieve better quality turf.

Spraying with a Turflux equipped sprayer achieves improvement in turf quality from application accuracy. Unintended overlap of an area already sprayed will avoid a double rate application by shutting off a nozzle as it enters the previously applied area. Skipped areas will show up on your map so you can go back and spray them even when marking foam or dye has disappeared. Golf Course Superintendents can review the completed job map and monitor spray technicians as a standard quality control protocol.

With the mapping function your field computer will know the exact square footage of your spray zone and all applications will be the same, regardless of the operator. You will now know the right amount of product to keep in stock for your next application.

Accuracy is achieved from high quality components. Turflux takes great care to use components that are engineered and manufactured to industry standards and to install all components to those same industry standards. A Turflux Conversion is a turnkey solution that meets the needs of your application taking into account flow and pressure of the liquid application as well as the electrical and mechanical requirements of your complete sprayer.

Our systems do more than just turn nozzles on and off. The flowmeter and flow valve adjust according to the number of nozzles spraying so you can maintian your application rate. CAUTION: Some nozzle control systems (NOT Turflux) divert the flow from a shut-off nozzle to those still spraying resulting in high application rates. 

The backbone to RTK, with a Turflux system, is the use of established fixed reference points with an internet connected base station network. In 2019 Turflux partnered with HP RTK to expand its base station network providing greatly expanded coverage from a dedicated RTK base station system that is not dependent on a single base station or state run CORS networks. Turflux and HP RTK are committed to installing additional base stations, if necessary, for customers purchasing a new Turflux control system for their sprayer(s).


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Turflux has partnered with some of the best known brands in the golf course spraying and GPS industries, including the core of our systems, powered by Ag Leader or Raven control systems, and the use of other quality components from Capstan, Wilger, HP RTK, Spraying Systems (Tee Jet), and more. The Raven SCS-4400 Spray Console has been used by most sprayer manufacturers as the golf course standard controller. Capstan Ag Systems has established the SharpShooter system, with the Wilger nozzles, as the preeminant pulse width modulating (PWM) advanced nozzle control. HP RTK operates the largest cellular RTK network in North America, and Spraying Systems Co. (TeeJet) has become the “go-to” source for most plumbing and standard spray nozzle components.

Turflux is committed to using proven brand name components in all of our installations.

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