GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

S = Savings

E * A * S * Y

Investing in a Turflux system can result in a tremendous savings over time by simply reducing waste.

The improved accuracy of a Turflux sprayer conversion can virtually eliminate the application of expensive chemicals in off target areas and turn off nozzles in areas already sprayed.

Most golf courses using a Turflux equipped sprayer have experienced a 23% reduction in chemicals on greens, where the more expensive products are applied. The typical savings in fairways has been a 10% reduction, where greater volumes are applied.

Reduce the application of expensive chemicals in areas that have already been sprayed and you'll save money, not to mention the elimination of high dosage double application rates too.

Add an auto steer option, and let the sprayer give you complete coverage, eliminating chemical overlap or inadvertent exclusion. You might think your operators do a great job using foam marker or coloring in your spray solution, but our current customers have seen improvement even with their most capable spray technicians. 

The biggest savings comes from a reduction in expensive chemicals and fertilizers needed to cover the turf you want to spray. Additionally, we have many customers who have eliminated one full tank out of their prior applications; that means staying ahead of play and having available manpower for other important tasks on the golf course.

To learn more about controlling and reducing your chemical costs with Turflux, contact us.  

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