GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

The Turflux Story

After working with satellite technology in 2013 with real life golf course spraying applications we recognized that, while some solutions were available from a few vendors, the complete package making satellite technology usable in a golf course maintenance operation was not yet available from one source. It also seemed that the better options were only available on new spray equipment purchases. 

Once we realized that this technology could also be made affordable as an installation on multiple brands of sprayers or as a conversion to existing sprayers, it quickly became apparent that this technology would elicit widespread demand, and Turflux was born.

If a golf course could spend less than $25,000 to upgrade a new sprayer or as a conversion to their current equipment  and they could save up to 25% of their chemical budget, there really was no reason not to convert. The pay-back for many golf courses would be less than two or three years. Most of our customers have found ways to repurpose their savings to  make improvements to their turf using their same budget dollars.

That’s game changing in an industry that is judged by quality but desperately looking for cost control.©

With technical expertise, end-user experience, and a business model focused on benefitting the customer, Turflux LLC was formed. The top brands in Precision Agriculture, like Raven Industries, Ag Leader, and Capstan Ag, also recognized the experience and passion of the Turflux personnel and the opportunity in the golf turf market by partnering with Turflux as a golf course focused dealer.

Customers soon learned that with Turflux they could achieve improving quality with accuracy, while saving or re-allocating budget dollars, and taking responsibility for environmental stewardship by simply using proven technology to apply chemicals and fertilizer only where needed. It was the perfect result of powerful market forces matching a solution to a golf and turf challenge.

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