GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

Nozzle Systems

A variety of nozzle systems are available on Turflux systems to fit your budget and technology goals. Nozzles are controlled individually, or sometimes in pairs, giving 10 or more sections of control.

Your Turflux system will be designed to give you the ability to consistently apply product at your target rate with the spray pattern and droplet size required by your conditions.

Consistent spray pattern and droplet size for your conditions

Using this TeeJet SpraySelect tool is a great way to check the nozzle selection for your specific application.

Capstan's PWM nozzle system using Wilger SR-MR nozzlesCapstan's SharpShooter® is an advanced nozzle control system using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to produce the desired spray droplet size at a variety of vehicle speeds. Capstan's PWM nozzle technology maintains a constant pressure (and thus constant droplet size) while also maintaining your target application rate. SharpShooter® operates like a tip changer "on the fly".

Capstan SharpShooter Rate Sync display


With the Rate Sync controller you also have the ability to change your pressure (and droplet size) to adapt to changing wind conditions while spraying.

Check out this explainer video for a better understanding.

Electric solenoids are typically installed on your existing triple turret nozzle system by replacing the check valve, making a Turflux Coil Nozzle System a less expensive option. A Turflux system increases your control from 3-boom spraying to 10-section control for more precise applications.

Spraying with this nozzle system has all of the benefits of a Turflux system when it comes to savings and accuracy, however it does have the same requirement to maintain a relatively constant speed while spraying, just like your current flow based sprayer,

Multi-section manifold control is typically installed on existing "speed and pressure" sprayers, where applications are made at a fixed speed and pressure to achieve the desired application rate. The multi-section manifold utilizes 3-way compact ball valves to extend your section control from 3-booms up to 10 individually controlled sections over the same spray width. This is the only nozzle system available on some model sprayers, such as the Toro Multi-Pro 1250 and 1750.

Customers will continue to use the same nozzle brand and type they used in the past.

Hawkeye is an advanced nozzle control option developed by Raven to produce the desired spray droplet size at widely variable vehicle speeds while spraying.

Nozzles are controlled individually to turn on in target areas and will run at a constant pressure, even with variable speeds, by utilizing Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology at the nozzle.

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