GPS Control for Golf Course Pesticide Applications

Calculate Target Zone Area

Estimate your savings by calculating the difference between your measured target zone and your actual spray records. You may save up to 25% of your current chemical expenses.

Connected Farm has an App

Change the way you use GPS for mapping and scouting applications. Connected Farm has developed an App called "Scout" that utilizes your smartphone or tablet for mapping field boundries, marking flags, and scouting information.

  • Enter scouting attributes and geo-reference images of pests, weeds, or diseases and log the severity of problems and turf conditions.

Use this App to map your spray target zones and calculate the actual acreage of your target. Then compare your calculation to your spray records to calculate how much you can save by using GPS and individual nozzle control.

You can estimate your spray zone target by using Google Maps and software available on the internet. Daft Logic can map an area of your golf course on Google Maps and calculate the area you mapped. For example the highlighted green in the picture to the left was calculated at 5,840.91 sq. feet or 0.1341 acres using Daft Logic. Click here to open a link to their web site calculator tool in a new window. Then follow these YouTube Video Instructions . 

Compare your measured area to your spray records to estimate your potential savings with a Turflux System.

The area of a circle equals (Pi) x r2

Since most golf course greens are not perfect circles you can estimate the area of your greens by calculating and using the average radius (times Pi). Using a Protracter in the center of your green take a measurement to the outside of your target spray zone every 20 degrees. Calculate the average of those 18 measurements to use as your radius measurement in the standard 'Area of a Circle' calculation. (Since this is an estimating procedure you may wish to just make a number of radius measurements, preferably equal distances apart, and use the average of those measurements for your radius.)

The area of a rectangle is Length x Width

If you green or fairway are basically rectangular you can calculate the square footage of your target spray zone by simply multiplying the length by the width with an approximate adjustment of adding an estimated target zone square footage outside the rectangle or subtracting the estimated square footage of non-target zone inside the rectangle. 

If your target spray zones are more complicated than an approximate circle or rectangle we suggest using the Connected Farm app or the Daft Logic - Google Maps Calculator method above.

If you already have a sprayer equipped with a Turflux Satellite Control System you can use the Field Computer on your sprayer to map and calculate your target spray zone area. That's just another tool you have for planning future spray applications, and stocking or ordering the right amount of product, using the accuracy of a Turflux System.
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